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National Diversity Award Winner, David E. Watters, is a teacher, motivational speaker and writer; a passionate equality advocate, committed to enhancing the lives of young people and adults who may feel marginalised or limited by labels.

As a teacher, he is committed to developing the whole person through creatively challenging students to embrace their unique value, and that of others, to encourage them to fulfill their full potential. He was nominated for an Excellence in Diversity Award 2015, for his contribution to enhancing the diversity agenda within education and for two European Diversity Awards because of his work with the Give ’em Hope Campaign.


Since graduating from The Institute of Education, University of London, David has gone on to train as a mediator, and is a qualified facilitator for The Pacific Institute. 

As Director of NBI Associates, David devises and delivers engaging, enjoyable and interactive Diversity and Cultural Enhancement workshops utilizing Cognitive Behavioural and Performing Arts strategies for individual, corporate and academic clients.

Watters is also the founder and coordinator of the inclusive, inspirational and international Give ‘em Hope Campaign; an online initiative which utilises all available social networks to encourage and uplift those who doubt their validity, feel isolated or limited by labels, through the sharing of written and video testimonies. The campaign was honoured at the National Diversity Awards 2014 when it won the Community Organisation Award (Multi-Strand).


Watters was a key player in the Equal Love Campaign UK; taking the British Government to the European Court of Human Rights in 2010 and successfully achieving Marriage Equality for same-sex couples in the United Kingdom.

His passion and expertise has brought many opportunities to write and speak on social change and his book, NEVER BLEND IN, brings together this wealth of experience and the voices of those whom he has met along the way.

SKYPE: never.blend.in


WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/NBIAssociates/

BOOK WEBPAGE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/106980051654/

GIVE ‘EM HOPE CAMPAIGN PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2D507F373FE6BC7D

GIVE ‘EM HOPE CAMPAIGN GROUP (or FAMILY as we call it): https://www.facebook.com/groups/GiveEmHope/
GIVE ‘EM HOPE PAGE (Come and LIKE us for news and Inspiration): https://www.facebook.com/GIVEemHOPE/  



“David has a wealth of experience delivering training, teaching and learning to a wide age group and in a variety of contexts. This is evident in his delivery style which is inclusive, supportive and also ‘challenging’ to encourage learners to think and develop. Since July 2012 I have undertaken a secondary line manager role in order to develop equality and diversity. This has led to us devising across campus respect campaign from inception to staff training.

David’s enthusiastic, committed and passionate ethos towards E&D and inclusivity has led to a range of inspirational training sessions. David has won the hearts and minds of staff in two very different contexts (one a tertiary college and the other a land-based college 15 miles apart). In addition to the well-planned and structured sessions for academic staff, David has responded to the needs of business support staff and delivered a series of differentiated respect sessions, to meet their needs. The impact of the sessions is evident in both classroom based activities and tutorials. The feedback from which has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Quality Improvement & Performance Manager
at Sparsholt College

“David, many thanks for your extensive, well-documented and thoughtful Professional Formation application for QTLS.  The evidence demonstrated excellent practice and a professional approach across an extensive career in the sector.
In the areas of subject currency and teaching and learning, you have attached considerable evidence which demonstrated an on-going commitment to improvements in training and development in your subject specialism.  Teacher trainers and advanced practitioners should model best practice and this is something you clearly do.  Your use of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis was an excellent method for exploring development needs in relation to professional development planning.  Your professional development programme was well planned and will provide opportunities to enhance your professional practice.  You have been able to provide a rich and detailed range of evidence that demonstrated your ability to reflect on the positive impact of CPD on your professional role.
Your standardised and personalised evidence fully met all requirements for Professional Formation and we are very pleased to tell you that your application has been successful.  Congratulations on an exceptional webfolio.  We wish you well in your future career.” 

Review from the IfL – David E Watters PGCE QTLS

“David is the one person that is consistently moving forward in supporting his community through the precise and effective use of his craft! One of the few people I know that is 100% committed to his incredible talent and vision for outreach!” 

Levi KreisRecording Artist, Levi Kreis

“David is a person of unrivalled integrity, who has great passion for his art and for whom I have the greatest respect.”

Matthew Kolakowski, Curriculum Leader, Greenwich Community College

“David Watters is a tireless advocate of social justice and engaging writing. Working with David on a community service project in San Francisco, with him in England, was a breeze, fun and highly effective. I recommend his services, charm and, most importantly, passion for any advocacy needing to be done.”

Melton Cartes, Chief Ad Guy, AnAdGuy.com

“I had the opportunity to work with David as part of his team in the performing arts department. During that time David had a great leadership styles that enable his staff to develop at their own pace, while maintaining a high standard for his team. His advice and support for CPD has been extremely beneficial which has resulting in me writing development programs. Furthermore, David’s passion on the subject of equality and diversity was very inspirational. With this in mind, I recommend David as a leader who can write about our unique experience’s in and outside the working environment. Hope to work with him in the near future.”

Michael Noble, Owner, IyPSchool

“David is an amazing being trying to make a difference in the world and is effective at doing so!” 

Liza FriedlanderPresident, Friedlander Investigative Services, LLC

“I can highly recommend David for his ethics, his talent, and his dedication to nurturing individuality and originality through his fine writing. David uses the gift of the written word to inspire leadership by preserving the memory of historical visionaries who dared to be different. His essays on Harvey Milk and his determination to “never blend” preserve an important man and time in history while encouraging all of us to realize that we all have the power to change history ourselves on a grass-roots level with community outreach and activism.”

Joe Mannetti, Contract Clinician, Waterford Youth Services Bureau

“DAVID WATTERS is not a relative, although I’d be proud to be in his family. David is a fine writer and passionate advocate, a man who boldly uses his intellect, wit and sense of fairness to every project he undertakes. If you are looking for the spark to ignite your plan, call DAVID WATTERS.”

Willie Watters, attorney/author

Extract from a profile of David Watters on 10,000 Couples by Rev. Heidi Mann.

HEIDI MANN“…all that David does involves assisting people – any and all people – to live authentically, to no longer accept the judgments and limitations imposed on them by others, and to believe in themselves as valid individuals. To that end, he has recently undertaken two new endeavors: NBI Associates, an organization which empowers people to make personal and professional transformations, and the “Give ‘em Hope” video campaign on YouTube.”


“I have known David for Several years. His commitment and his absolute resolve to complete his task(s) for himself or his clients, even in the face of adversity is humbling. I would recommend David, if you are looking for a committed person who will follow through with his promises, regardless of the obstacles.” 

Neil KohrnPresident, Communications Strategists, Inc.

“David Watters is a highly motivated author and freelance writer. He is passionate in his work, inspiring others to become their best selves, and to value themselves and others. His considerable writing skills help create and promote inclusivity and equality for all people, and offers another positive role model for youth and others on the margins.” 

Rev. David WeekleyMinister, United Methodist Church

“David is excellent with timelines, content and substance in all of his work. His thought-provoking articles have been a huge hit with our readership in Ambiente Magazine. We welcome Mr. Watters work as often as he can provide it!”

Herb Sosa, Editor In Chief – Ambiente Magazine www.ambiente.us

“David Watters is a tireless advocate of social justice and engaging writing. Working with David on a community service project in San Francisco, with him in England, was a breeze, fun and highly effective. I recommend his services, charm and, most importantly, passion for any advocacy needing to be done.”

Melton CartesChief Ad Guy, AnAdGuy.com

“David has a gift with words. His writing is eloquent and polished. The stories he writes are entertaining and well driven. His poetry is lyrical and full of emotion. David is simply a wonderful author that would be an asset to any English language publication.” 


“David Watters is a hard-working, tireless advocate for social justice and I recommend him highly in any capacity!” 

Lesléa NewmanWriter and Writing Consultant, Write from the Heart

“David writes excellent work dealing with coming out issues for LGBT college students. Having a good body of literature to draw from when coming and when dealing with LGBT issues while in college is essential; and helps break down the barriers between different communities.” 

M MContributing Writer, Bi Social Network

“David is a rare individual. Someone with a cause but also someone who is pragmatic. He understands his area but also the way the world thinks and is not judgemental but someone who looks for a ‘win/win’. This is rare but is the measure of the man. I would heartily recommend him for his intelligence, people ability and pragmatism.” 

Gladeana McMahonDirector, Gladeana McMahon Associates

“I have worked with a myriad of Harvey Milk related researchers in recent years and I wish they were all as thorough and considerate as Mr. Watters. I trust him and his workmanship implicitly.
Daniel Nicolettaowner, Photography by Daniel Nicoletta

“David is a great writer and recommended highly.” 

Melissa RobinsonCredit Management, Qwest Communications Corp.

“David is an extraordinary writer and freelance journalist. His work is always cutting-edge and his writing skills nearly flawless. His articles focus on the most urgent of human issues facing the planet and his attention to detail make his articles a very informative alternative source of news and important information. His perspective is unbiased and his work is always outstanding.” 

CQ ScafidiAuthor, Time Logistics Couriers

“Never Blend In: The Legacy of Harvey Milk by David Watters offers an innovative approach to a subject that has been taboo for such a long time. Dedicated to the cause, David aims to help clarify that equality is not about race and gender it’s about fairness and the freedom. It’s imperative that we are all treated alike and not individualised. David’s book explores the sometimes traumatic journeys others have taken and faced, their struggle to come to terms with not only themselves but, the prejudices they have endured along the way. It’s about survival and acceptance. A unique compilation of compelling stories. An awe inspiring piece of work. David’s writing is reaching out to all.” 

“David is very proactive. He contacted me about his new book ‘Never Blend In’ – told me about the book and I decided to do an interview with him.He quickly articulated interesting answers to the questions I put to him and his story made for a very intriguing article.

I have already approached David about working with him again in future as I strongly agree with the direction of his work.”

Will AstburyEditor/Director, Manchester Mouth

David is currently fighting for marriage equality in the European Courts of Human Rights as a part of the Equal Love Campaign. He also founded the Give ‘Em Hope campaign and is the author of Never Blend In. He has also spoken alongside Peter Tatchell and Stuart Milk at the No to Hate Vigil in Trafalgar Square and is a supporter of the HIV/AIDS charity the Terrence Higgins Trust.

A vote for David on the Independent on Sunday‘s Pink List is a vote for all of those that campaign tireless for everyone’s human rights, who do so without the aid of fame or the media coverage that comes with it.

Bryon Fear, Editor – Polari Magazine

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  • Peacemaker

    David, you are an incredible inspiration and a positive influence to us all. Your love and dedication to equality and to all of humanity will and has made a difference in the lives of many who are struggling and believe that there is no hope. There is hope, and your campaign gives people a place to find it. I look forward with great enthusiasm to read your book! Thank you for your loving heart! With Heartfelt Respect, ~Peacemaker


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