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Individually tailored consultations which will enhance self-concept, develop innovation and creativity and help you to move forwards in your personal and professional life.


Find the AUTHENTIC YOU  and get practical guidance on living the life that you desire.



Affordable, accessible, friendly support to help you with your personal or professional goals.





Did anyone ever tell you that you have unending potential? 


Even if they did, did you believe them?


Do you always miss out on that promotion at work?


Is dating disastrous and do your romantic relationships derail?


Does this sound familiar?!



So often, and this is not uncommon, people start with the premise that something is impossible to achieve, that things won’t go their way and that these negative outcomes are predetermined.


Well, of course they are predetermined! Not because these people are undeserving “losers” but because their inner dialogue is telling them that they will fail and this is outwardly reflected in their words and actions.


Wasn‘t it Henry Ford who famously said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”?


Many of us feel trapped in circumstances which make us unhappy or unfulfilled but resign ourselves to thinking that we are unworthy of more.


If the decisions that you are making – accepting an abusive relationship for example – are not bringing you happiness then you need to take a look at your self-concept.


The belief that an abusive alliance is what you deserve, whether this be a bullying parent, partner, peer, spouse or a domineering work colleague, needs to be addressed.


Understanding the origin of your BELIEFS, challenging their accuracy and redefining those which are creating limiting THOUGHTS will empower and enable you to make CHOICES to say and do only those things which bring you closer to emotional, intellectual and spiritual fulfilment.  


Our BELIEFS inform our THOUGHTS, which in turn inform our CHOICES


Since childhood, we have been conditioned to see the world and ourselves in terms of the attitudes and beliefs of those around us. The influence of parents and family in the early years has an immense and so often underestimated impact on the developing identity. We learn from their example and, as the first models of attitude and behaviour that we encounter, they have a moral obligation to offer a balanced view of the world and our place in it.


What this program does is to give you the tools to understand how self esteem determines the path you will take but that life need not be a self fulfilling prophecy when you improve your self-concept, drive out fear and embrace new challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, eliminate self imposed limitations and cease dependence on others to provide validity.
















Guidance and support to assist you in achieving your full potential either personally or professionally.


We can assist with:


  1. Interviews
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Delivering Presentations
  4. Giving Feedback in your personal or professional life
  5. CV/Resume and Personal Statement Guidance




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About neverblendin

David Watters, a graduate of Napier University, Edinburgh, Trinity College of Music, London and the Institute of Education, University of London, has worked internationally within education and Educational Management for more than 20 years. He has taught extensively within many socially and culturally diverse settings; most recently as a Head of Performing Arts within Further Education. He is a personal and professional development associate with The Pacific Institute (, personal coach, freelance writer and founding member of NBI Associates. He is a writer on social equality issues, is a key player in the Equal Love Campaign UK and author of the forthcoming book, NEVER BLEND IN which features key voices from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community and which aims to inspire and encourage those who may lack self-esteem or who question their validity. David is currently promoting a youtube campaign"Give 'em Hope"and is asking individuals, couples and groups to make and share videos telling about the benefits of living with personal authenticity. He has shared a platform with Stuart Milk and Peter Tatchell and is a supporter of 17-24-30, The Trevor Project, Schools Out, The Terrence Higgins Trust, The Albert Kennedy Trust and numerous others. His background in arts and education, combined with a solid understanding of Cognitive Behavioural Strategies, and his passion for Equality Advocacy drive every aspect of his work as a personal development facilitator, motivational speaker and writer. View all posts by neverblendin

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