My Fellow National Diversity Award Winner needs our help. Please take a moment to read this and sign the petition. 

After fleeing violence in Nigeria 10 years ago, Aderonke applied for asylum in the UK. But in her latest hearing last week, a Home Office barrister argued that she couldn’t be a lesbian because“Lesbians only have short hair. And they don’t have children.”

Because Aderonke used to have long hair and has children she can’t possibly be a “real” lesbian, right? WRONG.

The lazy Home Office is replacing real justice with ignorant clichés. They could decide Aderonke’s fate at any moment: we have a critical window to speak out before Aderonke is sent back to Nigeria where she could be killed or jailed.

The Home Office is breaking its own rules, which say that stereotyping the lives and looks of lesbian, gay or bi people isn’t allowed. A huge public outcry in the next few days will push Home Secretary Theresa May to stop Aderonke’s deportation – and make sure that these cliches never make it into court again.

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Aderonke fled Nigeria in 2004, hoping to find safety in the UK. She’s risks being killed if sent back to Nigeria. She has a death sentence from a Sharia court. And she’s already lost her brother, son and an ex‐girlfriend in vigilante attacks.

To stay safe, Aderonke and others need a fair asylum process free from discrimination But instead, they risk being sent back into danger, based on unfair and ignorant stereotypes by the Home Office. Let’s start a huge outcry to push the Home Secretary to make sure that these stereotypes are never used in court

Last year, 250,000 All Out members called on the Home Secretary to review the UK’s asylum process because it humiliates and abuses lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. And our voices were heard! Last month, the Home Office published new guidelines to ensure fair treatment.

Back in 2011, more than 60,000 of us asked the UK Home Secretary to halt the deportation of Brenda, a Ugandan lesbian facing terrible danger. All Out members emailed, called, and marched in the streets of London, creating worldwide media interest and securing Brenda a new hearing. Brenda was later granted an appeal and given another chance to gain permanent asylum in the UK.

Now let’s support Aderonke:

Thanks for going All Out

P.S. Can you believe that the UK government says lesbians don’t have children and only have short hair? These crazy outdated stereotypes were part of the Home Office’s case to deport Nigerian lesbian Aderonke. Sign now to get Home Secretary Theresa May to stop her deportation, because these unfair cliches shouldn’t be used in asylum cases: 



Home Office says Nigerian asylum-seeker can’t be a lesbian as she’s got children – Independent, 03 March 2015

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Home Office tells Nigerian asylum seeker: ‘You can’t be a lesbian, you’ve got children’ – The Telegraph, 4 March 2015

Aderonke is a feminist and human rights activist. After fleeing torture and the threat of death for being lesbian in Nigeria, she has proved to be an unstoppable force in fighting for justice.

Aderonke has garnered almost 32,000 signatures online for her personal campaign to remain in the UK because she is a lesbian from Nigeria who is open, out and proud.

Setting an example through this struggle fighting for her own freedom to stay here in the UK, she fights tirelessly for other people’s freedom too, and continues to challenge the government and legal system that penalises the many LGBT refugees seeking asylum in the UK. 

Despite suffering several set-backs at the hands of the UK immigration system while at the Yarl’s Wood detention centre, she rallied the other women to act as a collective force in challenging the authorities on sexual abuse at the centre. Aderonke’s strength continues to challenge racism, xenophobia, lesbophobia and sexism.


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