IN THE NAME OF JESUS: Nebraska Woman Sues All ‘Homosexuals’ 

 Nebraska Woman Sues All ‘Homosexuals’ 

A woman in Nebraska has filed a seven-page lawsuit naming “homosexuals” as the defendants, and “God, and His, Son, Jesus Christ,” as the plaintiffs.
Sylvia Driskell is 66 years old, and on Friday she filed the above lawsuit naming all gay people (“homosexuals”) as the defendants in her official capacity as “Ambassador” for the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs are, you guessed it, “God, and His, Son, Jesus Christ.”
The lawsuit, as you can see in seven pages. It’s also hand-written.
Thanks to the Friendly Atheist, here are a few unadulterated excerpts:
Your Honor, I’ve heard the boasting of the Defendant: the Homosexuals on the world news; from the young, to the old; to the rich an famous, and to the not so rich an famous; How they were tired of hiding in the closet, and how glad they are to be coming out of the closet.

I, Sylvia Ann Driskell, Contend that homosexuality is a sin, and that they the homosexuals know it is a sin to live a life of homosexuality. Why else would they have been hiding in a closet?

I, Sylvia Ann Driskell, write, as well, we also know that if a child is raised in a home of liers, an deceivers, and thieves that it is reasonable to believe that child will grow up to be one of the three, are all three.

The way to destroy any nation, or state is to destroy its morals; look what happen to Sodom and Gomorrah two city because of the same immoral behavior that represent in our nation, in our states, and our cities; God destroy them.
If God could have found ten righteous people among them he would’ve spared them.
I’m sixty six years old, an I never thought that I would see the day in which our Great Nation or Our Great State of Nebraska would become so compliant to the complicity of some peoples lewd behavior.
Why are judges passing laws, so sinners can break religious and moral laws?
Will all the judges of this Nation, judge God to be a lier?
Needless to say, this bit of news has been making its way around today. reports “Driskell could not be reached by phone.”
Friendly Atheist has now transcribed the entire seven pages. 
We’ve embedded the first page above and the remaining six pages below. 
Image, top, by arbyreed via Flickr and a CC license

Screenshots: Thanks to patrickranderson4785 for uploading the document to Scribd



And finally a same word from a real Christian:



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