The uniquely wonderful Bradley Voorhees has asked me to make a weekly contribution to his revived, revised and revitalised YOUR GAY NEWS. It’s a great honour to be asked and I’m looking forward to sharing my Viewpoint From the Log of Contemplation. 

However, I have to tell you…It’s been one of those days. 
Had my first video to make; a short 2 minute introductory video for Your Gay News.
Technology gremlins came out in force and what should have been a simple, fairly quick task, has taken the entire day and most of this evening.
Firstly, the camera wouldn’t work. I’d gone all the way to the park to my log of contemplation and switched it on, said, “Hello Brad,” and it switched itself off! So I tried to charge it with no luck. Went to buy a battery and the PC shop didn’t stock them! Aaargh
So I gave in a decided to just use my phone this time. 

The phone was full so I had to remove some apps and I tried to transfer all my pictures. 
The laptop was having none of it and wouldn’t let me transfer them. Even my clouds were unwilling to accommodate.
So there I was, not at my log of contemplation at all, sitting at home, contemplating how to keep a positive attitude. 7 short videos later, I felt that I was getting somewhere.
Then…to no-one’s great surprise, I’m sure, I couldn’t transfer the videos as the laptop kept telling me the device wasn’t recognised!
Ok, I thought, I’ll email them to myself. Did that and then it appears that my new laptop hasn’t even got movie-maker, never mind anything better. Tried older laptop but I’ve literally spent all day with it freezing every time I try to do something.
It’s just been so tedious and frustrating. 
I’ve sent the emails to Bradley and he’s going to do something with it all. He’s my knight in shining armour and I only hope that it’s worth his efforts…

Watch YGN tomorrow and all week. I’ll post links…


What is it with me and technology?

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