BREADLINE BRITAIN: Looking on the Bright Side


The great thing about being temporarily dole scum is that I realised my prescriptions would be free. 

My new school is like Fort Knox and sneaking out for a cigarette would be close to impossible so, besides the cost and being skint for the summer and the health implications of smoking, I’ve decided to quit. It’s also not cool to smell of smoke or have brown stained teeth. 
Tried to see a doctor and was told I had to go and see the people at Charlton Athletic who would monitor me at weekly meetings. I tried them before and it wasn’t the right thing for me; I’m not good at being pressured, or as they call it, “supported”, so I still made a doctors appointment. 
Then clever Richard, who hasn’t smoked now for 15 months, suggested that I go to the Pharmacist and ask there about Champix. 
The lovely smiley and helpful chemist was happy to oblige and I’ve a feeling he took my number, not because he had to but because he may start making inappropriate personal calls! 

So I’ve got my Champix and I already had some NiQuitin lozenges, so here goes…Monday is my quit day. 

As I type this, I’m sucking on a Sterling Superking, which Richard pointed out, to the well-endowed lady in Tescos, were called Superkings because they had big tips. Oh how we all chuckled. 
I may suck on a lozenge as I resist downloading the complete Kath & Kim from iTunes – I challenge you to tell me something more fun to do in bed.

Anyone else quitting smoking? I may set this as my new 21 Day Challenge.

Next step is to get my teeth sorted whilst part of Benefits Britain. I might even get my eyes tested too. What else can I get free? 



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