The Give ’em Hope Campaign – Be Someone’s HOPE (World Suicide Prevention Day message from Robin Morrison)


I won’t disclose any detail as to how Robin and I first came to know each other but I will say that from the moment I heard her story, I felt my heart in hers and there it has stayed.

I am blessed, as coordinator of the Give ’em Hope Campaign and in my research for NEVER BLEND IN, to have the opportunity to connect so meaningfully with people across this beautiful planet of ours. Connection has often come at times of crisis and tragedy and there is a profound sense of privilege felt when another person reaches out to myself and to the Give ’em Hope Family for support, for comfort, for something.

Many of us have lost friends, family, loved ones to suicide but we are here seeking to make sense of it all. When we couldn’t run, we stumbled and crawled and when we couldn’t crawl, we gathered what little inner strength that remained and surrendered to the situation that was threatening to destroy us. We gave ourselves over to the universe and the universe, or God if you prefer, saw fit to send us some guidance, some answers, some HOPE.

We are not broken, although we may feel that we are smashed to pieces at times, and our fractured hearts beat more consciously than before.  

Just as the most stunning works of art have some inherent flaw, it is my experience that the most gentle, courageous and loving souls have endured the most bitter pain.

On 10 September 2015, Robin wrote the following on her facebook page and I asked her if she would be so kind as to allow me to share it with you here.

I said, “My darling Robin…not a day passes when we don’t think about those we have lost and my heart has been in yours since we first became friends here. Can I post your post in the blog related to Give ’em Hope campaign?” and the response from Robin was so generous and characteristically loving, “Thank you David! You will never know the magnitude of the positive impact that you, your soul and spirit and all that you do for others as well as the The GIVE ‘EM HOPE Campaign Page has had on my life! You, the group, people and support mechanism and knowing that I am not alone kept me from drowning. I love ya like no other! Please do feel free to share!”  

Today is world suicide prevention day! My life has been directly impacted and forever changed by too many people that I love, that took their own lives! I am forever haunted by the what if’s and why’s and pray that none of you have to ever go through it! If you know someone at risk, depressed, withdrawn, saying anything about wanting to die or asking for help… PLEASE, do all that you can do to make a difference, get them help and show them that there is hope… there is always hope! Don’t ever tell yourself that someone saying they are going to take their life, isn’t really serious, wouldn’t really do it, just wants attention, will get over it.. etc. An average of one person dies by suicide every 11.7 minutes across the US. Nationally, suicide is the second leading cause of death among those 25–34 years of age, and the third leading cause of death among youth and young adults ages 10–14 and 15–24! SECOND & THIRD leading causes of death!?!? I am sharing some pictures (pictures not shown here) of the people in my own life that have taken their lives… too many… even ONE is too many! I want each and every one of you to know that if you ever need someone, need directed to the proper help, resources, someone to talk to… anything.. I promise to always be available! There is hope… it starts with us… be somebody’s hope…



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