Bigotry Knows No Bounds – Tymm Conner’s Commentary on LDS Policy Change


LDS church to exclude children of same-sex couples from membership, but is this really news?

In a recent policy announcement, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says children living in a same-sex household may not be blessed as babies or baptized.

This decision, which was released Thursday, takes effect immediately, LDS church spokesman Eric Hawkins told 2News.

“A natural or adopted child of a parent living in a same-gender relationship, whether the couple is married or cohabiting, may not receive a name and a blessing,” the policy reads.
Natural or adopted children living in a same-sex household will only be allowed to be baptized once they are 18, disavow the practice of same-sex cohabitation or marriage, and stop living within the household, according to the policy. Such baptism would still require the approval of the church’s governing First Presidency.

Below is a commentary from Give ’em Hope Campaign Administrator, Tymm Conner. It would be great to hear your thoughts too, so please leave a comment.

A lot of rabble from my fellow ex-Mormon friends about the “changes” in the LDS handbook concerning same sex married couples and their children. I am not going to, even for a moment, pretend like it doesn’t piss me off to the very depth of my sparkle and rainbow marrow. But, seriously, come on…are we really surprised? Can we really say that it is “new policy”?
In the LDS core doctrinal beliefs, the soul purpose of a man is to find a wife, (well…actually, according Ol’ Joe and Brother Brigham, WIVES), and have as many children as possible because when the couple has both passed away, they will have their children sealed to them and will be pregnant, then, for eternity to people a planet of their own…(Which begs the questions that I asked as a young man and have never been answered…”What about the children sealed to their parents? If they’re sealed to their parents, how can they have worlds of their own? And, if they are sealed, then does it not follow that their spouses must then be a part of that Celestial Family? And if so, are the wives of the sons of said family, now going to be pregnant for all eternity as to help populate the world? What about the husbands of the girls of said family? What if they were sealed to THEIR families? How does that work? Does the daughter go with her husband? If so, what does that do to the “sealing”? It goes much deeper…but you understand where my thinking goes, I’m sure)
The point is, obviously we, same-sex couples, can’t be pregnant for eternity. So, we can not populate our own world. So, due to the fact that we cannot procreate, with our same-sex spouses, that is, we, of course, cannot become gods of our own world, and that is the soul purpose of a Mormon man. And, of course, a woman could never be a goddess…why, that’s just…well…not done. Period. End of story. So, there is no way in hell a lesbian couple could ever get sealed…There is no one in that marriage to become the god of a new world.
OMG!!! I spent WAY too much time on this…I was only going to write a short little blurb pointing out that, of course, the LDS leadership would make this official policy. It is pretty much connoted in the Church’s core belief of, “What man is, G-d once was. What G-d is, man may become.”
Pissed? Of course I am. Surprised? Hell to the no. Wouldn’t be surprised by anything the LDS leadership, the Evangelical/Fundamentalist Elmer Gantry’s, or most, not all, Catholic priests, bishops, and cardinals say about…well…ANYTHING.

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