A Trail of Joy and Hope – Karen Adell Scott

Karen Adell Scot continues to share her generous spirit with us and in doing so she shines a light on, preconceptions, misconceptions and the misgendering that she and countless others face on a daily basis. 

Originally posted on facebook, Karen wrote, 
“Just a note to those who have friended me. 
I truly am a transgender woman. I was born as me. My brain was never “testosterone washed” in the second trimester of development and my brain was left wonderfully female in gender. Scientific research bears this out in numerous redundant studies that have been published in prestigious peer reviewed science periodicals. It is established science. Transgender people are born. We are an extremely rare birth difference found in only 1/3rd of 1% of human beings. We are unique and special.
Those who say they are my friends are asked to please respect who I am and choose to acknowledge that I am who I am. 
I am not a man choosing to be a woman, not a pervert, not sexually crazed, and not unable to think of only sex. I am celibate and am a modest girl.    
I am not contagious to others where being near me will cause them to become “horribly transgender.” 
Speaking about my being transgender is NOT political speech anymore than a black person being who they are is political speech. I am truly who I am. It is not a choice nor some sort of chosen perversion. 
I am not an abomination, nor am destined to “burn in hell” for being authentic me. I am not unacceptable to God by any stretch of the imagination, for I know He loves me with a never-ending love. 
I am a woman and always was even when I presented as a male due to cultural reasons and other terrible things that happened to me as a tiny child. 
I am Karen Adell Scot. I love people and seek to help others. I deeply care for others.
I seek to leave a trail of Joy behind me as I travel through life. 
If you cannot handle these things, unfriend me.”



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