How a veteran really feels about helping the refugee people…

In a response the xenophobic memes and online posts, regular neverblendin contributor, Jim Linger, had this to say today:


“This will be graphic, piss a lot of people off, and cause me some deletions. So be it. But if I see one more stupid meme, or conversation, about how we must now help our own homeless and veterans instead of those innocent, scared orphans and refugees from war torn Syria… I am literally going to SNAP! I am a veteran. I’ve been a homeless veteran. That is so very personal. But where was your passion about us before your xenophobic fear set in? Our legislatures have cut VA spending and haven’t passed any measures to help those in need. So now you want to not help anyone. Stop using me, or any homeless or veteran, to justify your cold, misunderstanding heart. Fearmongering, hateful and racists. Yup, I said it. Why are we no longer a family that helps each other? That’s who we should be. You shouldn’t tell one sister, sorry can’t help you, tell another brother, well I wanna help you instead, but actually don’t. Sick. We shouldn’t pick and choose. We help ALL of our brothers and sisters in need. That’s what family does. We are a world family. We should not turn our backs because of misinformed fear. Listen and learn about your fears, and use your passion in a positive, helpful way. Don’t dwell in possible negativy, then use it as a way of turning people away. I’ve lived a great, rewarding, life, and I want others to have that same hope too. And no, I don’t believe those refugees want to kill me, that’s just crazy. But if any did, it wouldn’t be in vain. It would have given a better life to those who had a horrific one. Honestly, I’d rather my life be lead with purpose, caring integrity, and compassion, for all my world family, by helping all those in need, even in possible death, than ingnoring the cries for help, and still living with that very same possibility of death.”

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