Regular contributor to neverblendin and admin for the Give ’em Hope Campaign, Joe Mannetti, offers clarity in a world clouded by celebrity psychophancy.


Caitlyn Jenner has a right to her political beliefs. Not surprised by her choices since she has consistently been a conservative supporting other conservatives. She is a Transgender woman. I support her embracing her gender identity.

That is where it begins and ends for me.
My harshest criticisms are not for Caitlyn Jenner, but for the high-powered media that continues to promote and support her as an LGBT icon, heroine, and leader. Political leanings aside, she has no significant history of supporting LGBT causes or taking part in LGBT activism. So, I really am not feeling the promotion of her as a leader in any LGBT communities since she has never embraced being actively involved in any of them. She is a Transgender woman who is White, affluent, privileged, and politically very conservative. She has used her privilege and the connections it provides her to promote herself on reality television. 

I see it as that, and I leave it at that. Others, anxious to be a part of her celebrity wave, see her as an opportunity for exposure and the promotion of Transgender issues. I don’t see her as interested in genuinely promoting anything other than her financial affluence, her White privilege, and her lack of concern for the grass-roots liberal activism that has allowed other Transgender people to thrive and move forward. 

The media continues to ignore the true activists and leaders who have allowed Caitlyn to exist while placing their focus on promoting her. The media gurus joining in on this are the people whose objectives and agendas I question more than Caitlyn Jenner’s as this show proceeds. 

Does any of this surprise me? No, not really. The media, Gay and Straight, has always been about who has the privilege, financial and otherwise. It rarely recognizes or rewards social activists or public leaders of color or radicals who rock the boat without the benefit of “coin or the connection with the complexion” as performer Tammy Peay has reminded us. So, what we are witnessing now is a replay from the same orchestra leaders in the media with a new cover wrapped around the same tune they have always performed.

Nothing new. Nothing earth shattering. And it has nothing to do with embracing progressive values. 

It’s just business as usual. Tune in next week for another reality show that is just as orchestrated, manufactured, and phony as this one. – Joe Mannetti

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