Haven’t we had enough yet?

Three deaths reported, up to 20 wounded in San Bernardino, California shooting.


Haven’t we had enough yet?
A guest commentary by Tom Cares for neverblendin and the Give ’em Hope Campaign.

I can’t believe these shootings keep happening. 
I wonder if this is the delayed result of a generation of bad parenting. It shouldn’t be that hard to raise kids into adults who would never do things like this.
Parents need to impart rational guidance on making peace with the human condition and dealing with emotions and anger in non-destructive ways. Even, I wonder if people do these things in some kind of perceived delusional vengeance on behalf of their bruised egos. I suspect people are being raised so existentially unenlightened, they become vulnerable to raging egos and narcissism commandeering them into such destruction.
This is what I teach my kids: you are an animal who is going to die. 

During your life, sometimes terrible and devastating things are going to happen to you. At times, your entire reality might turn upside down. You are going to be disappointed regularly. Enjoy the ride as best you can. Appreciate the beauty and often exquisite drama in your plights. Our absurd existence provides no justice, but appreciate that this is the only way we could have been (meaning the exact dynamics of existence – the chaos of the universe – are what produced you. A universe that ensured bliss and justice, perhaps using divine guidance, would be very different and wouldn’t have produced us). Your emotions belong to you. You control them. Don’t let them control you. Learn how to be uncomfortable, despaired, and embarrassed, without being angry. Find and pursue the passions you can, in your circumstances, as they are. Don’t let your passions be bigger than you and be able to find new ones when needed. Sometimes you have to start over. It’s not the end of the world, just the beginning of something new. Oh, and life is really great a lot of the time too; try notice when it is and don’t take it for granted.

” To the brave and the petrified 

   We All Fall Down

    To The Slaved and the civilised

     WE All Fall Down 

      To The lOvers we left behind

       The bad Days , The good nights 

         In The great Shipwreck of life

          WE All Fall Down ” ..


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