UPDATED: Playing his #Trump Card has lost him any credibility he had…

Earlier today, Rachel Maddow tweeted that “The political world has played the ‘Has Trump Gone Too Far This Time?’ game a few too many times. ”

I couldn’t agree more. He’s a mockery to democracy and a dangerous one at that. 

He really has lost the plot with his outright lies and scaremongering about a London, where police are afraid for their lives, and his Divisive Islamophobia, which is frightenly reminiscent of the hateful extremist political posturing of the most despised power-hungry genocidal maniacs of previous generations, is serving to place him in the shameful position of not just class-clown or village idiot but of schoolyard bully on a worldwide scale. Not the ideal qualities of a President of any evolved country. Exactly how evolved the American public are will be evidenced all too soon. 

Surely he is losing credibility amongst even the staunchest of Republicans…no? 
Trump thrives on filling his followers with fear and is a mere phrase or two away from declaring himself leader of the new master-race. 

God, Allah, Mohammed or good common decency help us all. 

I’ll pray to whichever deity has the power to unstick Trump’s terrible toupee and lodge it in his big uneducated mouth. 

This doesn’t surprise me. Trump’s idiotic and false statements about the UK are not something we tolerate here. He has no knowledge about the British way of life. He is trying to justify his bigoted views by saying we have some sort of issue here. We have a far more educated and enlightened view on so called ISIS and how unconnected they are to the teachings of the Islamic faith. We are a much more integrated and healthy country where diversity is embraced and vilification of others because of faith is not tolerated. There are large Muslim communities and London is richer because of this. Only a small minority of people here think like Trump and direct their uneducated hatred towards innocent citizens who happen to be Muslim. When this has ever happened, the reaction, by the rational, is swift and supportive. He is a fool but a dangerous fool who has invented a version of reality which suits his own agenda; to propagate fear and disharmony and to divide us. He is not welcome in the UK and it is laughable that he has gone so far in the politely arena at all. Please tell me there aren’t enough Americans to vote him into power. Trump is a hypocritical fascist who needs to search deep for any trace of his humanity.



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