Dear religious people everywhere…An OPEN Letter from a friend.

Dear religious people everywhere, please stop asking atheists to justify our atheism to you. It’s hard to argue with blind faith, especially if you won’t even consider the possibility that you might be wrong. And no, the fact that the world exists as it is is not proof that God exists, and asking me ‘Who created this world if not God?’ really doesn’t prove anything either. If you believe that God exists, good on you, but stop trying to convince the rest of us of it.
Other popular questions include ‘Why don’t you believe in God?’ and ‘What if you’re wrong and end up in hell?’ are equally ridiculous. While I respect your beliefs, it does not extend to being cross-examined on something I don’t even believe in to begin with. And if I truly answered with what I think, I would only offend you. Oh, except some of you have the answers to everything, albeit in a roundabout way that relies on religion to answer questions about religion, so no, they don’t count.
So please stop approaching me and saying ‘I would like to talk to you about God’, like I’m a lost heathen about to be struck down by God’s wrath and it is only your loving kindness that will save me from the fires of hell. Frankly, it’s condescending. And most of the time I only listen because I’m too polite/socially anxious to do otherwise. I’ve heard it all before, and none of it has convinced me yet.
‘I don’t know’ is an equally valid answer to questions about the existence and purpose of life. It simply means I haven’t found the answer yet, and I choose not to pick an answer out of one of the many religions around. I have read up on many religions in my lifetime, and in the end they all sound pretty similar to me. And also pretty unbelievable.
Here’s my personal view of religion; it was created a long time ago by people who wanted to control the masses and use them to do their bidding, giving them a false sense of hope that something better is coming even when they’re treated badly. One does not need religion to be good; one should know that something isn’t good if it harms others, instead of only if one’s God says so. I will respect your right to believe and not shove my views down your throat whenever I see you, so in return please accord me the same privilege. Thank you. πŸ™‚
This is probably a slightly inappropriate rant for a day like today, but then again, Christmas is a pagan holiday anyway. πŸ˜›




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