Animal cruelty is morally wrong. Mankind can never spiritually evolve so long as we treat other living beings with such disregard. We already consume more meat than is healthy and this is a symptom of corporate and consumerist greed. A deadly sin for these poor creatures and for humanity. People are the real pigs here.

A pig farmer is planning on building the biggest ever pig factory in the UK – if their application is passed, the factory will imprison over 30,000 pigs.
Pigs are among the most intelligent mammals. This is both a cruel way to keep them and it will also affect the environment through pollution.
Confining such huge numbers of animals in this way deprives them of the ability to perform many of their natural behaviours, which can cause terrible suffering, especially in animals as intelligent as pigs. It is also impossible to monitor the wellbeing of individual animals when there are so many, meaning that any who become sick are likely to go unnoticed. 
I’ve just signed this petition which sends an email to the Antrim Council Planning Office opposing this plan. 
Will you show your humanity and sign it too?



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