The Death of #Scalia – Commentary by Tymm Conner

The Death of #Scalia – Commentary by Tymm Conner for neverblendin and The Give ’em Hope Campaign

You knew I had to post something on the death of Justice Scalia. Here it is…

I’ve seen so much in the last 16 hours or so. There has been great sadness and mourning for the loss of American Conservatism and the potential Theocracy for which the Ultra-Right has been hoping and pushing for the last twenty-five years. I have seen virtual giddiness over the fact that some knuckle-dragging Neanderthal has finally left the ride we call life. The flagellation of the one side and the dancing in the streets on the other has been too much too soon.

Add to that the conspiracy theories from the low-brow uneducated and uninformed masses who support the likes of Trump and Cruz and we are in a virtual mega-tempest.  The fact that a man has died, suddenly, leaving behind family, friends, acquaintances, fellow Justices, and admirers, must be forefront in all of this. There are many who will miss the man. To reduce his passing into a shyte-storm of push-me-pull-you rhetoric is to take away the importance of the man’s presence in many people’s lives. In all of this, remember that. Please. ALL life is precious, even if we disagree fundamentally.  

That being said, there is another important fact.  


We have been thrust into an incredibly important time in our history. A time that could make or break us as a nation. And that cannot be overstated in the least.  

Justice Scalia’s death means a vacant seat on the Supreme Court. And that is incredibly significant. We now face the very real possibility that should President Obama make an appointment to fill the vacancy, the GOP has already announced their intent to block it for an unprecedented 10 months. Never has that been done. But, we have already seen much that has not been done by this current Congress on an almost daily basis, so, it should come as no shock.

However, there is something that has been proven these last months and something maybe we should consider before the situation gets that far. Bernie Sanders and his supporters have proven that We, The People are strong when we rise up together.  Let’s prove that theory. IF President Obama makes an appointment, and IF the GOP makes good on its promise, We, The People need to rise up and be counted. Tell the Senate Republicans that we will not stand for it. Make it known the American People are weary of the stonewalling efforts by the GOP on every move forward presented by the President. Remind them that WE have THEIR jobs at our fingertips. And, we do.  While, I am not overjoyed and dancing in the street at the death of Justice Scalia, I will honestly say that I am pleased that there is the possibility for a less conservative voice on the Bench. Far too often, Justice Scalia wrote into his dissensions and, even, into his majority rulings, his religious bias. Sometimes they were couched in flowery prose. Sometimes they were blatant.  My feelings about the passing of the Justice are not as altruistic as the beginning of this essay would suggest. I am not dancing in the streets, but I’m certainly not mourning the loss of a man who wished to push me and my LGBTQ brothers and sisters back into the closet; a man who truly believed the Government had the authority to push itself into the uterus of every woman and not allow them to keep their rights to make their own choices; a man who believed that America was founded upon and the Constitution based upon biblical principles despite verifiable evidence to the contrary with very little research involved. That will certainly not be mourned. It will not be missed. It will be appreciated for what it is…THE opportunity to truly move the United States of America into the 21st Century with aplomb.  

The last point I wish to make…

What’s up with the stupid conspiracy theories? I saw three different articles in just the last eight hours blaming President Obama and one even fingered his “Muslim mafia”… I mean…You have GOT to be kidding me! I’d laugh if it weren’t so sadly, profoundly ignorant. That’s all I have to say about that.

The next step is to vote the best person into the White House, then at the same time, vote in to Congress those who will ensure the support HE will need to carry his plans into the next fifty years.  
IF the GOP in the Senate makes good on its promise, the next President will choose the Justice to replace Scalia. If the American people choose poorly, we will have the balance of the Supreme Court weighing toward the Conservative, and even, regressive ideals. If the American people choose wisely, the scales will be tipped in favour of Progress. 
This is a critical time in our country and for politics. A time when not just those of my generation who have become disenchanted with the whole process, but the generations after mine who are realizing that we are leaving behind a country for them that is deteriorating into a Distopian Theocratic Orwellian State, MUST get out and vote. We must be out talking with others…about the ISSUES, NOT tearing each other’s candidates needlessly apart. We MUST be active.

Thanks for reading this. Your Unca Tymmie must now step down off his soap box.



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  • Rachel Wolff

    I was drawn to your comment about being out and talking with others. I tried to point this out in 2012 … We must be out talking with others…about the ISSUES, NOT tearing each other’s candidates needlessly apart. We MUST be active.


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