On Being a Human; Born Free and Equal in Dignity and Rights – Rachel Wolff for neverblendin & The Give ’em Hope Campaign 

On my mind…
On being a human; born free and equal in dignity and rights.
I am a Human Being – born free and equal in dignity and rights and I have the right to love and to express my love to the person who fits best in my heart and my arms – and to have my love be returned. Further, I should have the right to feel affection and express my affection towards my family and friends – and my lover as well without worry of being censored – hurt – harmed by others either by their words or their actions.
I may be a youth – a young adult – a mature adult – a senior adult; I may be Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender – Straight – but none of this should matter. No matter what the age – sex – orientation – gender identity is – there is a still a living child within me; a small infant who was once cared for and nurtured – a child who has dreams and goals and many hopes.
The child within us has the inalienable right to know and be known – to see and be seen – to understand and be understood. As a Human being – as a living, breathing, sentient being I have the inalienable right to be integrated – to be engaged in many group activities with family, friends and neighbors and co-workers; no matter – no matter the gender or gender orientation or how my sexual identity is expressed.
Rachel Wolff

A New Genesis  

Abba- when was I? 

When were you not?

Man was formed from the beginning

When the earth began in the image

And Likeness as Wisdom anointed


Man’s image was created from the movement

Of the waters and the great nothingness; A

Filament in space – Man is quester and

Answer from the waters of life, his

Path of life initiated at his birth, 

A route chosen and traveled at

Will: in leisure or in haste

The life path belongs to Man who

Was ‘Anointed with the Oil of

Gladness’_ He was brought

Forth under the fiat of the

Great Creative

On the tablet of the heart are

Written the Laws of Life

Man is not a puppet on

A string; he was given

Freewill and no man

Or man’s laws shall

Put asunder what

Is written there

The generative organs have

A sacred purpose but each

Man understands what’s

Inscribed on his own

Inward parts

Abba, I now remember 

I am who I say I am 

I came from movement with a life 

Path of my own: I am who I am!

Though it may take a lifetime to 

Express the real me – but deep in 

My inward parts I’ve always

Known who I AM – and no

Man shall put asunder 

What is written there

Genesis Revisited: Reviewed Revised

Dedicated: GLBTQIA- 2/4/13/2/7/13

Rachel Wolff


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