The Only thing I will say on the matter is…

Give ’em Hope Administrator and all-round wonderful person, Syrra, shares some thoughts on the upcoming presidential elections; the importance of not just voting but voting wisely and the terrifying prospect of having a Trumped Up Toddler take charge.

Only thing I will say on the presidential elections is this… If ANY GOP candidate wins, though most especially Trump…? I WILL be moving to Canada.

This is not a joke post. The man, and by extension the party, that wants to see complete deconstruction of my basic civil rights as a Transwoman, and a Lesbian, has already spoken on how he will ensure that LGBT+ equal rights laws and protections are rescinded.

In preparation, I will be looking at finalizing my documents for my passport and looking into the possible securing of work and a work visa there in order to become not just a worker there, but a citizen.

I’m not going to sit here and discuss this matter, either. His words, and the rampant actions across the country to try to take my rights away, speak volumes. The level of LGBT hate in this country is escalating, not de-escalating…

I moved to WA state to get away from the hate…and now they want to bring it to my doorstep on a national level…by making my very existence illegal.

 I need to say this…

I was a trans-activist for quite a few years… I backed out of it because I felt my voice made no difference whatsoever.
However, this is something very important:
I realize that many people don’t like either of the two primary parties for one reason or another. But there are things far greater at stake than your own personal idiosyncrasies…


ANY vote not for the Democratic party’s chosen candidate is a vote for Donald Trump. Don’t fool yourself in this. NO candidate that is not a part of the Democratic or Republican party is going to be elected… You know this deep down, regardless of how much you may hate to admit it.

I’m not a big fan of Hillary OR Bernie… But I WILL be voting for whichever one of the two wins the ticket, because if I don’t? That means my vote is simply one less vote against the GOP…



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