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So, I saw a post that a friend had shared on facebook and I immediately contacted the writer.

I said, “Thank you for sharing this eloquent, candid and insightful piece about what it means to you to live as the authentic you and the wider implications of the recent backwards misogynistic legislation. Your voice is vital in the conversation to dispel the hateful myths. Thank you for sharing. Is this something that I would be able to share in my diversity blog “neverblendin”?”

Her response was equally swift, “Please do, everything I publish publicly is meant for the widest possible audience. Thank you! 😊”

Her name is Seranine and this is what she had to say:

This is what I looked like this morning, right after I got up. I pulled on panties and a tank top. No makeup. I didn’t even shave.
I know I’m in between. That’s why they call this a “transition.” How long would I last in the men’s locker room, looking like this? How long would it be before I got the shit kicked out of me for being who I am? Or worse? What about when you factor in the reasons why I’d be in the men’s locker room, to begin with? You know, the legislation that gets passed because people argue that #girlslikeus are actually men who are also necessarily sexual predators, out to violate someone’s daughter. How long do you give me? A few weeks? First day? Five minutes?
People like to share pictures of trans men and women who “transitioned well,” using the wrong bathroom (i.e. the bathroom for the gender they were mistakenly designated as at birth), and arguing, “do you really think SHE belongs in the men’s room?” or “do you really want to see HIM in the women’s room?” And if I’m all made up, I could post the same kind of picture. But those pictures miss the point, because they’re still about people LOOKING like they belong in a gendered space. But not everyone can look like that. Not everyone even wants to.
Google “Ny Richardson McDonald’s.” Google “Cortney Bogorad.” Think of all the women you know in your own life who are disregarded as people when their value as sex objects for men is absent. Think of all the women you know in your own life who are disregarded as people when they have value as sex objects for men.
“Bathroom bills” aren’t about protecting women and girls. They are about POLICING women and girls. They are about bullshit beauty standards, and the fact that my skinny white ass gets a pass in a lot of places where the heavier, blacker, hairier women, trans or cis, do not, is garbage. Your bathroom bills are about misogyny, plain and simple. They are about telling women, trans or cis, that if you do not “look like a girl,” you are subject to violence that the state is encouraging. They’re not even being subtle about it.
Your bathroom bills aren’t about trans women or the horror fantasy of “men in my daughter’s bathroom.” They’re about controlling women, and telling us how we’re allowed and not allowed to exist.


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