AM I NEXT? Do #BlackLivesMatter ?

Found this powerful and poetic statement on facebook today. 

Read it outloud. Hear the truth in what is being said and SHARE IT.

Until you participate in the solution, you are part of the problem. 

You and you and YOU have Gotta GIVE ‘EM HOPE

Join our diversity campaign and be a part of a family who want to create change.

“I’m thick-skinned. I don’t cry easily. But today, USA, you are *really* trying to force water out my eyes. I can’t wear my hair natural in schools or in locs for a job. I can’t give myself or my children a name reflective of my ancestry. I can’t talk about how we used to be inventors, kings & queens, cause I’m lying. I can’t talk about we used to be enslaved, cause I need to “get over it.” I can’t date across color lines or live across invisible property lines without your glare & distain (at best) and you calling the cops on our pool party (at worse). I can’t ask for assistance without being a lazy free-loader, I can’t be an industrious go-getter unless I’m a drug dealer, athlete or rapper. I can’t talk back but I better answer you quick enough. I can’t wear a hoodie when it starts to rain & I can’t catch a cab even in a suit. When I’m verbal you say I’m an angry black person & when I silently take a knee or raise a fist, I’m an ungrateful troublemaker. If I’m innocent you frame me, if I do something wrong you over-sentence me. If I’m homeless you criminalize me, if I’m on my way home you profile me. If I’m a working man, hands up, protecting my disabled client you shoot me. If I’m POTUS you blatantly disrespect me. If I’m a child I’m tried like a man; if I’m a man I’m talked to like a boy. I can’t protect my mind from your media & miseducation. I can’t protect my body from your beatings & bullets. I can’t drive to that new job; be lost, be in a fender-bender or have my car break down, sell dvd’s or loosies; play with a toy gun in an open-carry state; pull out or reach for my wallet without having my life snuffed out! No ticket. No summons. No jury. Straight execution in the street, & you’re NEVER held accountable. So tell me— what must a black/brown person do to co-exist side-by-side with you and just LIVE? I know a white “troubled loner” can kill 9 blacks in a church & still live. I know a terrorist suspect involved in a shootout with multiple police can live. I know white men taking over government property forcefully with ammo for weeks can live. Where’s MY playbook in this rigged game? Spell it out for me, so I can warn my husband, my sons, my daughter, my brother, my sista-girls, my friends… WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU *NOT* TO KILL ME?”


About neverblendin

David Watters, a graduate of Napier University, Edinburgh, Trinity College of Music, London and the Institute of Education, University of London, has worked internationally within education and Educational Management for more than 20 years. He has taught extensively within many socially and culturally diverse settings; most recently as a Head of Performing Arts within Further Education. He is a personal and professional development associate with The Pacific Institute (, personal coach, freelance writer and founding member of NBI Associates. He is a writer on social equality issues, is a key player in the Equal Love Campaign UK and author of the forthcoming book, NEVER BLEND IN which features key voices from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community and which aims to inspire and encourage those who may lack self-esteem or who question their validity. David is currently promoting a youtube campaign"Give 'em Hope"and is asking individuals, couples and groups to make and share videos telling about the benefits of living with personal authenticity. He has shared a platform with Stuart Milk and Peter Tatchell and is a supporter of 17-24-30, The Trevor Project, Schools Out, The Terrence Higgins Trust, The Albert Kennedy Trust and numerous others. His background in arts and education, combined with a solid understanding of Cognitive Behavioural Strategies, and his passion for Equality Advocacy drive every aspect of his work as a personal development facilitator, motivational speaker and writer. View all posts by neverblendin

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