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Sign the petition calling for Piers Morgan to be sacked from GMB:

Piers Morgan highlights the sexist and misogynistic battle that women have to face every day. For a lighthearted TV programme, his constant belittling of his female co-workers is EXTREMELY uncomfortable to watch. Not to mention his appalling presenting skills whereby he talks over any guests or experts interjecting his own opinions and ‘facts’ with an air of ‘If you don’t agree with me then you must be stupid. Oh and Susanna, go make me a sandwich’. It may seem funny or stupid to start a petition about something like this, but surely when we are letting someone get away with this kind of behaviour and laughing it off, we are failing at equality in a very basic way. By not doing anything, we are silently condoning his behaviour. *as an addendum to the above, I would like to say that whilst this petition is mainly aimed at his sexist behaviour, I also want to highlight that he is not picky about who he reacts like this too, male and female colleagues all appear to fall victim to his workplace bullying. Disgraceful that ITV would allow their other staff to be subjected to this.*

This petition will be delivered to:

ITV Breakfast Limited

Neil Thompson

Erron Gordon

Why I signed and shared this petition:
Piers Morgan lacks the integrity and social understanding that I would expect of someone given airtime to offer opinion on a range of subjects. His value system is flawed and he fails to resonate with anyone beyond his smug and privileged peer group. Elitist, bigoted views and offensive, dismissive comments are not representative of a channel and programme which covers broad issues, particularly those pertaining to the already marginalised and oppressed in our society. 

Sign the petition calling for Piers Morgan to be sacked from GMB:


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