I find it hard to speak up about myself and prefer to celebrate the success of others so will always refer back to the mirror that is held up for me to reflect back my own achievements. It’s not that people can now get married, I didn’t achieve this alone, or that students and colleagues celebrate rather than fear diversity, I only threw the stone in the pond and persevered until the ripples became a steady pulsing and undeniable reality; it’s the commitment to giving a voice to the voiceless until they can become courageous enough, until they can believe enough, that their voice is as valid and valuable as that of others.


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David E. Watters, is perhaps best known as one of the Marriage Equality pioneers who challenged U.K. marriage laws at the European Court of Human Rights, making it possible for many thousands of couples to realise their romantic aspirations since the laws were changed.

Perhaps you know him as the founder of the internationally acclaimed Give ’em Hope Campaign but did you know that he is also a teacher, motivational speaker and writer; a passionate equality advocate, committed to enhancing the lives of young people and adults who may feel marginalised or limited by labels?

He is a writer on social equality issues and author of the forthcoming book, NEVER BLEND IN, which features key voices from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community and which aims to inspire and encourage those who may lack self-esteem or who question their validity. He has also provided the Foreword to the second book by David E Weekley, RETREATING FORWARD, which is available to buy now.

As a teacher, currently working within a Special Educational Needs setting, he is committed to developing the whole person through creatively challenging students to embrace their unique value, and that of others, to encourage them to fulfil their full potential.

For more than 25 years, he has consistently embedded social development and community engagement within his teaching, delivering diversity training and events; in the process, raising funds and/or awareness for the Terrence Higgins Trust, MacMillan Cancer Support, Teenage Cancer Trust, Ichthyosis Support Group, Solent NHS Trust, Enham, Animals Asia Foundation, the Meningitis Trust, The Bruce Trust, Brave Hearts, the British Red Cross, Andover Community Responder Team, amongst others.

He has won a Vodaphone World of Change Award and was nominated for an Excellence in Diversity Award 2015, for his contribution to enhancing the diversity agenda within education (introducing, devising and delivering diversity training within an FE and HE setting) and for two European Diversity Awards because of his work with the Give ’em Hope Campaign.

The inclusive, inspirational and international Give ‘em Hope Campaign is an online Oral History initiative which utilises all available social networks to encourage and uplift those who doubt their validity, feel isolated or limited by labels, through the sharing of written and video testimonies.

Contributions for the campaign have come from all corners of the globe, from a diverse range of contributors of all ages, genders, races, faiths and sexualities. The topics covered have shone a light on the commonality of our human experience, regardless of the particular labels an initial first glance may imply.

The campaign was honoured at the National Diversity Awards 2014 when it won the Community Organisation Award (Multi-Strand).

Watters was a key player in the Equal Love Campaign UK; taking the British Government to the European Court of Human Rights in 2010 and successfully achieving Marriage Equality for same-sex couples in the United Kingdom.

As part of the Equal Love Campaign, spearheaded by veteran Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, David E Watters and Richard J Hull were the second same-sex couple to file for a marriage license in Greenwich back in December 2010.

Their application, as anticipated, was refused and this prompted them, under the banner of the Equal Love Campaign, to take their case to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights).

This they did alongside 7 other couples, both straight and gay, claiming unfair treatment in access to marriage and civil partnership within the UK.

As we now know, marriage equality, in terms of gay couples having access to civil marriage was achieved.

In a statement made prior to their own historic wedding in August last year, Peter Tatchell, who coordinated the Equal Love campaign from 2010 to 2013, noted:

“I am delighted that David and Richard are getting married and offer them my congratulations. Together with three other gay couples, they played a very important role in helping secure same-sex marriage and in winning public hearts and minds. I am so proud of them. They were great ambassadors for marriage equality. I wish them every happiness.”

When interviewed by Katie Oakes for ITV London News, this is what the couple had to say: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=NQVZIYJuIEs

David: “We are both thrilled to have played a part in successfully challenging the UK marriage laws and believe that publicly sharing our stories and taking part in challenging any inequality is the only way that social progress can be made.”

No-one achieves change alone but one person is all it takes to encourage others to believe that they are valid and valuable enough to use their voice.


About neverblendin

David Watters, a graduate of Napier University, Edinburgh, Trinity College of Music, London and the Institute of Education, University of London, has worked internationally within education and Educational Management for more than 20 years. He has taught extensively within many socially and culturally diverse settings; most recently as a Head of Performing Arts within Further Education. He is a personal and professional development associate with The Pacific Institute (www.pacificinstitute.co.uk), personal coach, freelance writer and founding member of NBI Associates. He is a writer on social equality issues, is a key player in the Equal Love Campaign UK and author of the forthcoming book, NEVER BLEND IN which features key voices from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community and which aims to inspire and encourage those who may lack self-esteem or who question their validity. David is currently promoting a youtube campaign"Give 'em Hope"and is asking individuals, couples and groups to make and share videos telling about the benefits of living with personal authenticity. He has shared a platform with Stuart Milk and Peter Tatchell and is a supporter of 17-24-30, The Trevor Project, Schools Out, The Terrence Higgins Trust, The Albert Kennedy Trust and numerous others. His background in arts and education, combined with a solid understanding of Cognitive Behavioural Strategies, and his passion for Equality Advocacy drive every aspect of his work as a personal development facilitator, motivational speaker and writer. View all posts by neverblendin

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