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#EiDA Surprise

It’s been a very long and exhausting week, both physically and emotionally, but I’ve been galvanised and revitalised by the kindness of friends and family. I’ve also been fortunate in many other ways and on leaving work I found an email to say that I’d been nominated for an Excellence in Diversity Award. 

Thank you to whichever kindhearted friend thought of me as being deserving of this. I’m not sure if this nomination requires endorsements but no doubt I’ll keep you posted about that. 

The #EiDA17 honours the great work of inclusive employers and diversity champions, nominate somebody now!! – #EiDA. HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEKEND. CELEBRATE DIVERSITY IN ANY WAY YOU CAN!

Unique YOU – David E Watters

You are unique and incomparable. Each person has their strengths and I fear that you underestimate your own. You are stronger than you realise. Just look at all you’ve overcome already. Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. Take a deep breath and keep going.

Reveal the Sculpture within the Stone – David E Watters

If you have always done your best in any given circumstance, with the tools that you had at that time, then you should not reproach yourself and harshly judge your choices or actions. 

We are all a work in progress and regret is only a sign that you wish you’d done better at the time. That time is gone. Make amends if you feel it necessary and be grateful for all the lessons that you’ve learned, which have shaped you into the person that you are today. Be equally grateful for the storms and gentle breezes; both are required to reveal the sculpture within the stone.


Darren Osborne, Finsbury Park Attacker

The fact that he is Welsh doesn’t mean that all Welsh people are murderous extremists so can we apply that same logic to the analysis of other similar atrocities? 

Committing an act of terror is born of multiple factors and the decision reached through complex and uniquely individual circumstances and influences. To believe otherwise will keep us at war with ourselves and the manipulators of this lie will have won because they have achieved their goal, to divide and conquer. Why allow this to be how we perceive the world? Everybody, deep down, knows that there are greater threats to our freedom and more powerful forms of suppression and oppression in our society, so why believe otherwise?

#DivideandConquer #StrongerTogether

You Can’t #Hamble the Truth – Play School’s Secret Shame by David E Watters 

No one ever talks about how Hamble was replaced and no one has ever explained where she went. Did she go on to work in other shows? Perhaps a Hollywood career? Nobody seems to care. This has troubled me since the late 1970s. Is it just me? Yes, she didn’t fit in. No, she wasn’t cute and cuddly. Yes, she was an unconventional beauty but why did she just disappear? Was the replacement also called Hamble because, let’s be honest, she didn’t look like Hamble or was it a different girl? I’ll take this worry to the grave. Showbiz is fickle and fame is fleeting #NeverForget

Hamble the doll – the hate figure of the under-fives for the entire run of the programme.

Although it was originally a very common type of doll, sold in Woolworths, by the time Play School was in full flow there were only two Hambles in Britain. The other was owned by a woman in Chester, who would hire it to the BBC for £40 a week whenever the Play School regular was injured.

That happened quite often, as it wasn’t just the audience who detested Hamble. None of the presenters could stand her either, so she’d get drop kicked across the studio, and once, when she wouldn’t behave, Chloe Ashcroft took a dreadful liberty.

“I did a terrible thing to Hamble. She just would not sit up…so one day I got a very big knitting needle, a bit wooden one, and I stuck it right up her bum, as far as her head. So she was completely rigid, and she was much much better after that.”

Hamble was the only toy not to make it through to the end, being replaced by black doll Poppy in an 80s attempt to be more inclusive. That’s their story as to why she went, anyway…

Finsbury Park Terror Attack – David E Watters

If anyone calls this anything other than a terror attack, they are part of the problem. This was targeted on civilians who were peacefully going about their lives. I’ll be interested to see the reporting and commentary over the next few days. 

Article in the Guardian today:

Unpleasant Present?

If the present is not so pleasant, remember that you got past a past that you didn’t think you could. You can quote me on that! David E Watters (Give ’em Hope Campaign)

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