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Reflective @realDonaldTrump

These are some of the insults Trump has hurled at others but they could so easily be descriptions of himself. Mirror much?


TFTD: The Middle-Class Myth – David E Watters

TFTD: The Middle-Class myth is an illusion perpetuated by poor people who are desperately and willingly drowning in debt in order to deny to themselves their own poverty. Feel free to disagree 🙄

David E Watters

Who I am is what I see! DO YOU AGREE?

Steve Chandler says – “When I am happy, I see the happiness in others. When I am compassionate, I see the compassion in other people. When I am full of energy and hope, I see opportunities all around me.But when I am angry, I see other people as unnecessarily testy. When I am depressed, I notice that people’s eyes look sad. When I am weary, I see the world as boring and unattractive. Who I am is what I see!” DO YOU AGREE?

Remembering Harvey Bernard Milk

Remembering Harvey Bernard Milk, the inspirational man whose life and legacy led to the creation of both the GIVE ‘EM HOPE CAMPAIGN and my Book, NEVER BLEND IN.

On this day in 1978, Harvey and Mayor Moscone were tragically assassinated by Dan White. Their memory lives on, in San Francisco, in America and across the globe amongst, though not exclusively, the LGBT+ community.

Read my 3-part blog on the legacy of Harvey Milk here:

Watch this cleverly Creative video which uses perhaps his most famous speech:

Join the Give ‘em Hope Campaign here:

Find out more about the book here:

TFTD: Praise and Positivity Vs Confidence Theft

In order to top up the positive poker chips of the child, the adult must first have a positive pile of their own. Depletion of self-esteem can demotivate and destroy the downward distribution of positivity that can be spared.

#HOPE to see you soon

Why the Give ’em Hope Campaign group exists:

We are all labelled and many of these labels are inaccurate; they are narrow and limiting descriptions placed upon us because we posses one characteristic such as a race, gender, sexuality or age even. Many people in our society live in fear of anyone and anything that they perceive as different and rather than learn about these people and recognise the similarities they stereotype and place barriers which keep us from progressing towards a place of understanding.

Find us here:

Congratulations @MissLadyPhyll

Congratulations to Phyll Opoku on her well-deserved win as Campaigner of the Year at the European Diversity Awards.

Of the award, Phyll said: I’m absolutely over the moon and honoured to have won the European Diversity Awards for ‘Campaigner of the Year’. This award is for all who have paved the way for me to be able to amplify my voice and not be afraid to stand up & be counted.

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