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Elevate, don’t Denigrate @PrideInLondon – DAVID E WATTERS

I am appalled that #PrideLondon was hijacked by anti-trans protesters yesterday.All voices matter but it is not necessary to #denigrate others in other to #elevate yourself. #Equality means everyone. Join me in calling for @PrideInLondon to condemn this action!You can tweet them but you can also add your name to this open letter:


@MissBeehive Mari Wilson at Wilton’s Music Hall – 6 July 2018

‪Mari Wilson at Wilton’s Music Hall – 6 July 2018If you took all the best bits of #Cilla, #Dusty, #Petula & #Sandie & added extra humour, humility and humanity, you’d get @MissBeehive whose every breath was a gift to her adoring audience this evening @WiltonMusicHall 😊💜👍🙏‬ Every moment was an absolute joy. Mari’s backing singers clearly adore her and communicate beautifully with each other and the audience. The band were flawless. Full respect to all for giving so much on such a hot evening. Congratulations to all involved.

No idea how we lost our friends Peter and Sean who were sat right next to us but a pleasure to say hello, briefly, to Barb Jungr who was in the cheap seats behind us! Only kidding…We even got chatting to a couple of lovely guys outside afterwards and realised that the outside world can be more pleasant than it seems.

THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK @BeckyBurchell – DAVID E WATTERS for neverblendin

Unprofessional theatre professional, producer and curator, Becky Burchall, who really should know better, apologises for alcohol-fuelled outburst during Taylor Mac show.

I was there and her outburst was, “Where are all the women? You say you speak for women but where are all the women?”

Prior to her drunken and hugely misguided, misdirected misdemeanour, Miss Burchell tweeted:

She then took it upon herself to speak not for ALL women but for herself, heckling a man who had worked for 8 years putting this show together and causing an embarrassing scene which marred the evening for many, like myself, who have waited years to see Taylor Mac perform.

This curtain call shows the many women and men of all flavours who contributed to this incredible evening.

Taylor Mac dealt swiftly and eloquently with the interruption and carried on like the professional he is.

Burchell’s tweeted apology falls on my deaf ears because had she any insight into Taylor Mac’s humanity and artistry, whether previously or from every syllable spoken and sung on this particular evening, she would have felt less inclined to be such a judgemental, ill-informed, privileged lone protestor.

Dear, Miss Burchell, a word to the wise – THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK 🍸

Perfection is…Taylor Mac — A 24-Decade History of Popular Music: The First Act – A Personal Review (DAVID E WATTERS)

Tonight, I was at the Barbican seeing the powerful, poignant, pertinent performance art of Taylor Mac and his insanely talented team of musicians, technicians and performers.

I can’t even begin to explain how intensely and overwhelmingly spectacularly brilliant it was.

4 hours, without interval, and the most vibrant and moving theatrical experience I’ve ever had.

There’s nothing more attractive than a talented, humble, gay, leftie genius and I’m a little bit more in love than I was before.

For “Little” read “a LOT”

Note to self: Do not stalk Taylor Mac, no matter how easy the internet makes it.

It is still wrong. Tom Selleck will tell you that. #RestrainingOrder

Taylor Mac — A 24-Decade History of Popular Music: The First Act

@LIFTfestival @BarbicanCentre #TheArtofChange #TaylorMac

For the heckler who asked where all the women were, here they all are taking a well-deserved bow.


Moody? Me? Maybe! – DAVID E WATTERS for neverblendin

Moody? Me? Maybe!

Me and bloody emergency dentists!

You may be thinking that this doesn’t sound very Diversity-related but bear with me.

There’s a moral to this rant. Something about being polite and courteous to everyone.

Yes, really, EVERYONE!

So, my abscess got massively worse and we’ve just had a “fun” trip to Romford, which apparently was the closest emergency dentist we could go to.

Five minutes late and scolded by a dental nurse called Andrea who then persisted in nagging me that the form would take some time to fill in and that my appointment would only be 20 minutes and less now because I was late!

Oh, I’m sorry, I had to come from South London for this appointment.

Even the dentist was rude and unsympathetic. She’s yet to learn the word please and made me feel I was wasting her time. I tried to explain the source and possible cause of the pain, a broken tooth, and she cut me dead saying that different swelling is particular to different teeth so it wasn’t connected.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t claiming to be the expert. I was just answering a question!

Just give me the pills, I’m in agony. This is not a good time to patronise or irritate me because you are annoyed that I’m asking for help.

Antibiotics prescribed and a dentist appointment already booked for Saturday.

Who says I don’t know how to have fun?!

What a lovely evening for a drive to Essex.

It’s nice to get out of the house.

But why must others be so miserable in their jobs? I mean, ok be miserable but don’t take it out on me.

Most days I’m exhausted, stressed about something and seriously low on poker chips but I put a smile on, share a joke and give those I work with the best version of myself.

Unless they, themselves are being #%$¥#

So, there you have it. I’m in pain and don’t need to have additional pain in my posterior.

I’m sure you feel the same.

If not, tell me why not.

Attitude of #Gratitude: Day 21 of 21

Attitude of Gratitude: Day 21 of 21

Today, I am grateful for…

1. All the friends who’ve joined me in this 21 Day Challenge. I’ve found it to be a useful exercise and somedays have been more challenging than others but I’ve always found something to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your thankful thoughts; I’ve enjoyed reading every one.

2. Colleagues who can still find humour in the midst of the omnishambles.

3. Students, past and present, who bring joy and purpose to my life.

Thanks again for joining me in this 21 Challenge. Please keep it going and maybe we’ll do it again soon.

I’m considering setting up a group on facebook…because I don’t have enough to do!

Attitude of #Gratitude: Day 20 of 21

Attitude of Gratitude: Day 20 of 21

Today, I am grateful for…

1. My iPod which contains audiobooks, radio plays, TV shows and movies which provide something to suit my mood when I can’t sleep. Currently, I’m watching Dilbert for the gazillionth time but often I’ll listen to Wayne Dyer’s soothing and reassuring voice as I drift off to sleep.

2. Russell waiting up for me and making sure I hadn’t drowned in the bath. Richard, on the other hand, is fast asleep 💤

3. Getting half my data done at work, even if it did mean staying late.

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