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I am asking for your help and just a few moments of your time today.


A nomination for me IN THE INDEPENDENT PINK LIST LGBT HEROES AWARDS www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/article2359718.ece would really help our GIVE ‘EM HOPE CAMPAIGN. 


This really is not about my ego it is about raising the profile of this initiative. 








Apart from founding and coordinating the Give ’em Hope Campaign, this is what I am doing to secure equality and diversity internationally:


  • I am currently fighting for marriage equality at the European Court of Human Rights as part of the Equal Love Campaign (www.equallove.org.uk),


  • I write on social inequality for www.ambiente.us, 10,000 Couples, Polari and other sites,


  • As a motivational speaker I have spoken at the NO to Hate Vigil in Trafalgar Square London alongside Peter Tatchell and Stuart Milk and additionally I speak regularly in the media about Equal Love and other areas of social inequality,


  • As the founder and coordinator of the GIVE ‘EM HOPE CAMPAIGN and with my music, media and art students and newly founded Andover Choir For Everyone, I will be staging a Pro-Equality Festival in 2012.
  • Additionally, I am Director of NBI Associates (www.nbiassociates.co.uk), a company founded with the sole purpose of eradicating labels, raising self-esteem and helping individuals to achieve their true potential.

Nominating David Equality Watters would raise the profile of his Give ‘em Hope Campaign (http://www.nbiassociates.co.uk/Give–em-Hope-Campaign.html) and give it much needed publicity.


Go to this online form to nominate David Equality Watters!!!


OUR CAMPAIGN NEEDS THIS EXPOSURE www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/article2359718.ece


“…all that David does involves assisting people – any and all people – to live authentically, to no longer accept the judgments and limitations imposed on them by others, and to believe in themselves as valid individuals. To that end, he has recently undertaken two new endeavors: NBI Associates, an organization which empowers people to make personal and professional transformations, and the “Give ‘em Hope” video campaign on YouTube.”

Extract from a profile of David Watters on 10,000 Couples by Rev. Heidi Mann. FULL PROFILE: http://10thousandcouples.com/issue/april-2011/article/someone-you-should-know-david-e-watters 





EMAIL: DavidWatters@nbiassociates.co.uk 

Program Director for NBI Associates and founder of the Give ’em Hope Campaign


CELL: 07800 813 189

WEBSITE: www.nbiassociates.co.uk 

SKYPE: never.blend.in


ARTICLE ARCHIVE: http://www.nbiassociates.co.uk/Article-Archive.html

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