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Seems I’ve been looking out of the window for a long time and what Ive seen is impossible to touch. There is a world on the other side of the glass, outside the train, outside the office and sometimes I remember how it feels, how it smells, how it looks and how it sounds. When I die, I don’t want to regret the time I spent looking out of the window but rather celebrate that i came to the realisation that none of the …. Matters and I got off the train to see, hear, see and smell the world. My only regret should be that I did not love you ENOUGH, although I loved and loved and loved.




A groundbreaking survey into the cybersocialworld has found that YOU are spending way too much time on facebook and that your real life, involving real social skills and human interaction, is gradually and inevitably fading to a point of no return. It is believed that sooner than you imagined possible your dried, shrivelled corpse will be discovered by worried family members who will have to peel your decayed skin from the laptop keyboard before discarding you in your cyber less tomb. This is not a warning to be taken lightly. Get out of your home and breathe some air for a day, talk to a human being (orally oo-Er) and poke someone for real! You might just enjoy it.



Our beliefs inform our thoughts. I believe there is goodness in the world and that outweighs any cruelty. I also believe that you are destined to find joy and meaning. Life has a purpose and by being your authentic self, you have more chance of finding happiness because you can fully love the person that you are and the world will love you too. It’s not necessarily easy to choose happiness but choose to try and happiness will find you. Love and respect yourself and know that we love and respect you too.



You are uniquely valuable to the world. Your purpose may not yet be known to you yourself but you have an important job to do in bringing light to the world. Just keep being you.


I’m hoping that you’ll share your inspiring and positive energy with the world through my Give ’em Hope Campaign; an inspirational online video initiative to inspire and uplift those who feel marginalised or isolated. We exist to bring hope to those who need it most.

The purpose of the campaign is to encourage the benefits of living authentically. We should not be limited by labels that are imposed by others, if these labels are negative and wrong; especially when it comes to stereotyping and when the result may be lowered self-esteem and a possible impact upon an individuals ability to fulfil their personal potential.

Make us a video or write about this. Your story or your video can have such an impact and would be a welcomed addition to this campaign. Here is a link to the fb group for more info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GiveEmHope/

Please Check our UPDATED WEBSITE HERE for INCREDIBLE VIDEOS OF HOPE AND INSPIRATION: http://www.nbiassociates.co.uk/Give–em-Hope-Campaign.html


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